1-5-18 The 555; Bull Run Restaurant Spirit Dinner & Investigation

The 555 Paranormal Productions Presents:

Bull Run Restaurant Spirit Dinner & Investigation


Includes: Three course meal, Spirit Circle Gallery & Paranormal Investigation



6:00-7:00 Bull Run Cheese & Crackers

Choice of the Following: Bull Run Burger, Veggie Burger, Dayboat Haddock or Turkey Dinner

Mini-Dessert platter at each table

Coffee, Tea & non-alcoholic beverages included

8:00 Gallery by Brandie Wells 


Your Party will feature: Spirit Circle; Open Forum Messages from your Spirit guides, angels, animal totems, medical intuition and past loved ones. 

What to expect: Brandie is a clairvoyant and works in many realms with many abilities. She tunes in prior to the spirit circle and receives message from past loved ones, spirit guides, angels and more in her automatic writing. The circle will gather, everyone will be grounded, cleared and brought to a sacred space. After one hour of what “naturally comes in”, everyone will break. Upon return, for the last hour, there is a time of “calling out” where guests have an opportunity to state a name or ask for psychic messaging to light the way of the now moving into the future.

In Private Readings: Time Link© Readings Time link looks back tapping into past life energy and mediumship. Mediumship is healing, revealing information from past loved ones and creates closure as low vibrations are cleared and messages are translated. Time link is also the ability to look at the present opening how to move into the future. It helps us move through obstacles to achieve what our guides want for us; a divine life while here on earth. Heal your past and reveal your future through spirit guides, angels, past loved ones and intuitive automatic writing.“Heal your past and reveal your future”

9:30 Meet & Greet with Your Team Leads for the Investigation

9:45pm Set-Up Investigation Equipment

10:30pm Investigation begins on a 3 Team Rotation. 10:30/11:15/12am/12:45 Free Roam

2am Or when everyone feels complete, Event Closed



The LEGEND of the Egopantis

 Three Teams TBA

Organized by Psychic Medium, Brandie Wells

Brandie Wells

Brandie Wells, Compassionate Clairvoyant will be the lead Para-Psychic Team with a film crew of The Production House. Brandie is founder of The 555, Keene Intuition, Psychic Parties of New England and Co-Host of’s Soul Central with Brandie and Danger. Her website is

Brandie has explored various haunted and historic locations throughout New England. Some of her best known investigation locations: The Lizzie Borden B&B, The SK Pierce Victorian Mansion, The Black Swan Inn, The Houghton Mansion, The Vanderbilt and more.When Brandie investigates, her primary tools are dowsing rods, EMF, flashlights and Spirit box. She is also a table tipper and known for physical mediumship.

My goal when investigating is to hear the story of spirit. I want to get to know who they were, why they are here and allow their story to unfold. Through my respectful curiosity, I naturally draw in spirit to communicate in a variety of ways. 

Brandie Wells 201-701- SOUL / +1(201)701-6052 Or Email Brandie