David Currier: Team Lead

David Currier

555-9999_fotorI started my paranormal adventures 5 years ago to find out for myself, is there really something after death? Learning and experiencing from various people I became CEO and co-owner of 2 different teams before adventuring on my own. My travels have led me to investigate forts like William Henry( Lake George,NY) and Fort Knox in Maine; haunted mansions in Gardner and North Adams, Ma; numerous historical societies and museums; an active military base, and of course private home and businesses.The most rewarding part of what I do is getting answers to help a client get some peace. I am a very firm believer there is no paranormal expert in the world just those with more experiences to gain knowledge. But hopefully thru paranormal unity we can all work together to find what we each seek. As a former runner-up at the paranormal awards for investigator of the year I will continue to learn and teach any client how to resolve their experiences knowing each case is different. I am often asked whats your favorite gear to use and my answer is because nothing can take away from a first hand experience. I always show my evidence to each client and follow up until they are 100% happy. Continued blessings to all.