Guest Check List

Soul Central Guest Check list

*Email Brandie Wells at with the following information: Your Name, Title, a 4-6 line bio, an image or headshot with all forms of preferred customer contact information.

*Download Skype

Once on Skype, add the following contacts: Brandiewellssoulcentral, A1R Radio Network & Danger T


*Go to top of your settings where your photo circle is on Skype and its says “Add credit” Click on that and be sure you are clicked on “ONLINE” with a green check.

*Be conscious of background noises (no pets, computer notifications, papers rustling etc) *Choose a quiet room that is not too “echoey”

*Speak close to your mic or use a microphone headset

*When the call starts, click on the lower right of Skype screen where the word bubble is to see and type messages as we are on air.


*You will receive an outline of the show script via email on Tuesday. It is available to stay on track- not followed word for word, but the timing element is important. This is only a 28 minute show.

*We will do a test call at 8:30pm. Be at your Skype at that time to receive your call from Brandie & Danger.

*You will be called by Dave, the Tech from A1R at 9:25ish. Wait for the call, do not call him.

*You stay on the air, listening to intros by Brandie and Danger and can speak once you are introduced. Then, when we say goodbye, you can hang up OR stay no listening. The choice is yours.

*Danger & Brandie keep it relaxed and fun, so we want our guests to do the same. This is just a conversation.

We aim to feature our guests and allow their abilities to shine!

For more information:

Look for the show in A1R Archives the next day!

Thank you for being our guest!