9-28-17 Wine & Wisdom at the Walpole Winery



Wine & wisdom at the Walpole Winery

Wine & Wisdom at the Walpole Winery to the ” leaf peeping prime date” of September 28th arriving between 5:30-6 with a 6:15 start time. We are inviting you to come see the picturesque view ahead of time if you can arrive 5:30-6.
This is a beautiful Opportunity to enjoy the gorgeous Walpole Winery and gain insight from Brandie Wells, Compassionate Clairvoyant.
Evening Includes:
Palette with 9 tastings- 6 set, 3 of choice
6:30-7:15 Brandie’s Intro & The Spirit Gallery begins
7:15 Overview of wine & appetizer
7:45 Gallery return
7:45-8:45 Gallery Closes
10% off all wines purchased that evening 
Tipping to Winery staff Appreciated
For More Information:
Location: 114 Barnett Hill Road, Walpole, NH 03608 
The Walpole Winery
“We make a wide variety of wines with a delicious selection of 28 French-American hybrid and Cold-Climate grape varieties, and we also offer fresh seedless table grapes in season and make raisins with 4 additional varieties. Wine tasting at Walpole Mountain View Winery can be quite a learning experience, whether it’s your first ever sipping or ever visiting a winery, or whether you’ve traveled the world of wines for many years. The varieties that have become available for cold-climate areas have just begun their voyage, and you can be on the cutting edge of the many new wines that are now possible in one of the places that was formerly deemed too cold and harsh for such activity.
For us, it all starts with the grape. We are exceptionally proud and quite unique in that our wines are made 100% from grapes we grow in our own vineyard. It doesn’t say just “American Table Wine” on our label — when you see “New Hampshire” on our label, it means that the grapes are grown here as well. We are a fully “estate” winery. If you want a taste of New Hampshire “terroir,” you will find it here”.

The Spirit Circle Gallery

What to expect: Brandie is a clairvoyant and works in many realms with many abilities. She tunes in prior to the spirit circle and receives message from past loved ones, spirit guides, angels and more in her automatic writing.

The circle will gather, everyone will be grounded, cleared and brought to a sacred space.

After one hour of what “naturally comes in”, everyone will break. Upon return, for the last hour, there is a time of “calling out” where guests have an opportunity to state a name or ask for psychic messaging to light the way of the now moving into the future.

Brandie Wells 201-701- SOUL / +1(201)701-6052 Or Email Brandie