555 Paranormal

“The 555” 

5 Para-Psychics as tour guides, lead investigators, film crew, Psychics & Paranormalists.

5 Hours of Paranormal Investigating at a historic location.

5 Cameras as the Psychics and film crew produce footage for YOUR highlights video.  45 minute DVD of your investigation created by The Production House.

Space is limited !

Itinerary at each event:

 Psychic Medium Spirit Gallery available at most events


 Regular Ticket typically Includes:


 *Tool overview & Lecture

 *Filmed Investigation

*No Refunds

*Must Be 18 to attend or have an ID with signed waiver for 16-18yo

unless states 21* and over!

*Must sign waivers for filming; attending

*No Taunting

*Come sober, stay sober

*No crossing over of spirits

*Abide by rules of location first and foremost!

*No leaving event without notifying staff

*No crossing over spirits