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Brandie was so refreshing! The connections that she made with/for me were in no way fabricated, or generalized. I won’t lie, i went into our session searching for answers, but respect her so much for providing me not with the answers, but with guidance towards finding love and light in my life! I left with tears of joy, knowing i had a direction, a clear head and heart, and a new supply of sage! I only wish that i could provide Brandie with as much insight as she provided to me.

Another Amazing reading.. Brandie has been spot on for years with me! She is truly great at what she does.. An amazing gift she has and is ready to share!

Brandie is amazing!!! Her ability to connect floors me every time. I have had in-person and phone readings and have not been disappointed. There is nothing forced about it. It is a conversation that flows with insight and humor. The information that she shares from Spirit is astounding because there is truly no other way that she would gain the information. I trust her to connect with Spirit and give me insight when I seek it most.

Wow! What an incredible experience! I had a private reading this past weekend and received many answers that brought me tears and joy. Some of the truths were hard to hear but helped me start the journey of healing in an area of my life. Brandie is WONDERFUL!

Brandie is right on the money with everything she has told sometimes it does not click until after. What I like about Brandie is that she is always trying to offer new things and growing on her knowledge which she shares. Brandie offers many healing services as well visit here and her store In Keene ,NH is wonderful! You won’t be disappointed.

Thank you so much!!! You answered alot of questions , and I’m so excited about my new adventures in life ❤

Brandie is the real deal. I went to her for a reading to connect with a past loved one Who has been sending me signs for quite a while. This person passed away over 10 years ago. I asked this person to send me through Brandy some thing that was personal only he and I he and I would know so I would know it was him. Sure enough Brandie started talking about an event I had forgotten about. I was shocked and very happy. She is amazing. As I said she’s the real deal.

I had a great reading experience with Brandie last week. She is kind and compassionate and definitely connected with my loved ones. I was so glad that I recorded the call, I have since listened to it several times. A few things that I missed on the call all make sense now. I plan on another reading with her in the near future to get more detail.

I have known Brandie for several years and each time I have a reading or hypnosis session with her I am instantly calm and relieved of whatever stress I may have. She is someone that I trust with my entire being as she has helped me in more ways than I can count. She is truly a gifted clairvoyant with a heart of gold.

I had a reading a few days ago with Brandie and she nailed it!!! It was a great experience and gave me some insight… I would highly recommend Brandi. She was definitely empowering and motivating.

I can’t say enough how much I think of Brandie. She is such an awesome person and is so comfortable to talk to. I can’t believe how in tune she can get and it is always a wonderful experience. She gives me answers to questions I didn’t even know I had. Can’t wait to talk with her again.

I session with Brandie is always so good for your soul. I feel so much better about life, myself and the world around me. In these crazy times Brandie is an amazing grounding rod, positive light and passionate energy. She listens, she is spot on with her message and shows true compassion. Thank you Brandie for just being you and for absolutely loving what you do. It shows with all who enter your store and your sessions.

Brandie is an amazing person with a wonderful soul. Every time I am in her presence I am instantly calm and stress free. I have never been disappointed after a reading with her.

I have hosted two Spirit Circles and had a private reading done by Brandie, her words of wisdom for each person attending the spirit circles were so uplifting and spot on. So many have asked me to arrange another. My private reading was enlightening and brought a sense of peace to me as we embarked on our new chapter in our lives. I have never been so drawn to a guide in all my years of spiritual readings. Brandie is a truly gifted soul.FG

Brandy is amazing! I’ve had a few readings from her and both times she helped me tremendously, channeling my loved ones, relaying their messages to me, and giving me insight into situations I’m dealing with currently. And she does it all with such warmth…she really makes you feel at ease and comfortable throughout the whole process. If you’ve always thought about having a reading with a psychic medium, but didn’t know where to go – book your appointment with Brandie asap! It’s life changing!

I had a phone reading with Brandie. She immediately picked up on what my intention was for the reading. She also uses her cards along with spirit so you get a very in depth reading. I highly recommend Brandie.

If you ever had any doubt that pscyhic abilities are a real, then you haven’t met Brandie Wells. She is the real deal. She is authentic, trustworthy and caring. Her talents are exceptional as a conduit for messages and wisdom that exist in this realm and beyond. She is a welcome guide to help navigate life’s many challenges, changes, and choices. I am so thankful to have this resource in my community.

Very informative and I love the style of her readings❤️ Definitely will be a repeat customer

Just had my 2nd meeting with Brandie. My 1st was a zoom reading which was very informative! This time I did a Tesla Healing session. The feelings of the energy were amazing, feeling light & tingly all over & at times heavy & grounded, very calm. After Brandie told me my mother’s spirit had come to leave messages for me. It was so wonderful I cried, I hadn’t expected to hear from my mom & those words deeply touched my heart! Brandie is wonderful!! I love her energy!! I’ll definitely be back!!

Brandie Wells never disappoints. She always provides the best service. I would highly recommend. I’ve used her many many times now! She’s the best!!!

Brandie Wells is deeply connected to the Divine spirit. Her readings are insightful at a soul depth. I always come away from a reading (I have now had 4 in the last 3 years) with more understanding of my life’s authentic journey. Bless you Brandie for you are a true gift!