My Personal Story & Beliefs

Where do I begin…

We are all born intuitive. We all have the ability to tap into our source, our guides, our guardians and all who walk with us.

The problem is, we are human and we think too much. As soon as we start learning how to survive as humans, we engage the thinking mind and it overpowers our intuition. This occurs through childhood as we recognize our need to learn how to eat, walk, do self care and recognize the body, mind connection. The tragedy is, in America, it is not practice to teach ‘the spirit connection.’

Meditation is a wonderful way to put the mind to rest and awaken the intuition the leads our way to living life in the highest good. Settling the mind and opening intuition allows one to hear their universal source.

I believe in source. Meaning, I honor all forms of religion. Everyone has the right and choice to create their own belief system or follow one that is preexisting, as long as it comes from a place of non-judgement and through love and light.

I was born in Brattleboro, VT and raised in New Hampshire.

As a child, I connected with animals more than humans because they did not judge me. I found comfort in the unconditional connection. I spent a lot of time in nature as I was seeking grounding energy.

I saw angels and could hear the animals speak to me.


One of my favorite childhood memories is waiting for it to rain. I loved the rain because the red efts would come out from under rocks and logs. I would go out and collect as many as I could. But my true hunt was for the disabled or deformed red !!!11efts. I would build a village of bark, rocks, leaves, twigs and sand. But for the disabled ones, I would build a castle right in the center. They deserved the castle!

As I moved through life, I realized this was a link to my future. I lead my life with pure compassion. It is a divine calling to aid others.

I worked in the human serves field for 20 years assisting, guiding and protecting those with disabilities. That chapter will always be part of me and deeply rooted in my soul.

Now, I help people who feel lost on their path and assist in healing their soul. I light the way for others through the connection of my beautiful guides. My guides are strong in their messages and help me connect to my sitters’ guides. It is healing to reveal past life and  mediumship. It is inspiring to tune into current issues, relationships and see into someones future. The future always holds a bright light and how one reaches their goals is vital to a good reading.

My Life

I have two loving parents who provided for me. For that, I am grateful. They are role models on many levels to their family, peers, co-workers and neighbors. They are deeply in love, which is amazing after 30+ years.

My sister looked up to me as a child and I was not accepting of her. It was hurtful and  16unkind, but I was young and unaware. Looking back, I was a lonely child, but I created my loneliness because I came into the world very insecure. There is an innocence to my childhood… and as we grew up, I realized how my sister and I are so different, yet so alike. I am proud of the beautiful woman, mother, wife and overall person she has become. I look forward to many more memories as our families grow and develop.

11206588_10206699091066751_7099370782412731822_oMy grandmother, Dorothy, was a beautiful soul and is my soul connection through many lifetimes. We will meet again. She had “the gift”. She saw angels and past loved ones. However, she struggled with many challenges in her life. She had many hardships which weakened her mind, body, soul connection and created mental illness. Her love was always on the forefront of her life despite her constant dependance on others. In reflection, it was her disability. It made her life difficult and challenging.

My family is amazing because I was part of  five generations of women, 18 years 1apart, when my daughter was born. Five generations of strong women!

I am a wife to a good man. He balances me. We are not always on the same vibrational level and we have our ups and downs, but we are strong together. We share the same morals and values. Together, we are raising a beautiful family of four children. All are unique and empowered by the love and guidance we provide. We are blessed beyond measure. We work hard and play hard. As a family, we honor or relationship as a sacred union.

We have a property in New Hampshire, USA and love everything we have worked so hard for.

My love of animals has been with me my entire life and has been carried through to my children. Pets make our house a home. They bring us love and joy. They make our circle feel whole and complete.


Our happy-jack, Zoey


May, our crazy cat


Our Horses, Drum & Lance



We also have rabbits, a green cheek Conure and fish

Our pets are family, as they should be!


I am a humanitarian by nature and truly find value in every human being. There is a plan and a purpose for everyone.
Friendship is just another branch of my tree. I enjoy casual acquaintances and deep, loyal friendships.



Is there a God?

Human beings are meant to feel every raw emotion and learn lessons while on earth, yet we seek the love & light of heaven. We seek this because heaven is the ultimate sense of divinity. It is what we achieve after the human experience.
People struggle to learn lessons… that is the purpose of the spirit. There is also the balance of yin and yang, negative and positive and how the world is a perfect balance.
There is a God or Universal Source, but this lives in all of us. We seek t!1!his divine love every day.

I have also learned there is no hell. This, here on earth, is our hell. This is where we feel that raw emotion I was talking about. We live in the balance of heaven and hell. However, there is a limbo. Limbo is the place between heaven and earth when people have not gone to “the light”. At times, souls can not see the light and are lost in a realm due to sudden traumatic death or suicide. But they eventually get there… to the light. Most times they have to hang around to help; aid those who are still grieving for them from the other side.

Through thousands of spiritual readings, spirit has taught me many lessons and this is just one of them. It is beautiful to have an understanding of “why we are here” and “how the universe works” through my own experiences.

Our Spirit; soul moves from human experience to human experience over and over through time and space. In each human experience, we learn lessons. If a lesson is not learned, the experience is moved through to the next lifetime. It is all part of the mystery of your journey to acknowledge this element. How one moves through the lessons is also part of the lessons learned.

Be aware that each and every experience you have is part of your journey. It is your story. Look back at where you came from and where you are now. Carry all of the lessons with you as you move forward, knowing you are now wiser and stronger.

There is so much more, but this is a glimpse.