Brandie Wells,

13315730_10210295575532615_9213629033345496388_n_FotorCompassionate Clairvoyant:


* Time Link Reader

* Certified Mediumship Reader (Use of Spirit Box optional)

* Psychic Pendulum Reader

* Online Psychic imageMessage/Skype

* Certified Angel Healer & Cards

* Animal Communicator

*She is a certified Fairyologist and offers Fairy & Gnome home workshops & Parties for adults & children

*Paranormal Investigator and communicator with spirit for resolution is one of her callings

*Host of Soul Central on Ask1Air Psychic Radio

* Assists cold case files

* Energy cleansing in your home or office

*Owner of Keene Intuition, Downtown Keene, NH

*Pay online with all sessions. To schedule a service contact Brandie. No cash on site. Use paypal or mail a check 7 days prior to all scheduled appointments.

*The following readings are typically held at Keene Intuition. However, we are located on a second floor. If the stairs are an issue, we will come to you within the Keene area at no additional charge.

*You will receive a message regarding your purchase within 24 hours of payment.

*Policy: Pay for events and services via PayPal or check 7 days prior to a booking of class or session.*No refunds. However, payments are transferable to another product, class or service.*

Service Descriptions:

Time Link Readings


Book a Reading

Some clients are curious about what services they “need” and through time link readings, many areas are covered.

Time link is the ability to look back and tap into past life energy and mediumship. Mediumship is healing, revealing and creates closure as messages from past loved ones are translated.

Time link is also the ability to look at the present and how to move into the future. It helps us move through obstacles to achieve what our guides want for us; a divine life while here on earth.image

“When tuning in, I have the ability to exchange energy and share messages through your guardian angels, spirit guides and past loved ones. However, the choice is yours who you allow to come though that gate.

Readings are a mutual agreement to exchange energy. If you are closed, the messages are hidden and the exchange is dulled by your block.

My awareness of energy and how to move through the struggling emotions puts the receiver at ease. You will find comfort in my compassion.


I use a pendulum which is a tool of divination used to confirm clear communication energy between the higher guides and the human energy. A pendulum merely triggers a clear line of communication and confirms the connection.
Questions and answers flow more easily to open the gate of love and light between the giver and receiver of messages.

The bottom line is: This is Spiritual Energy work. As a clairvoyant and when we connect, we can determine your needs”.

My abilities as a clairvoyant are:

Clairsentience (feeling/touching)

Clairaudience (hearing/listening)

Clairalience (smelling)

Claircognizance (knowing)

Clairenunciate (communicate)

imageLast, I am telepathic and information flows to me through your spirit guides, guardian angels and all who walk with you on your journey. These energy connections to your aura share imagery similar to “looking through a view finder”.

I have the ability to perform energy work of cleansing, clearing and protecting your energy while we have a session.

Mediumship in readings: Our guides connect and gently guide loved ones to introduce themselves. Through telepathy, audio clairvoyance and a sense of knowing, messages come through opening a line of communication. Mediumship is a required 60 minute slot due to the time and energy for tuning in for clear messages from your loved ones.

Spirit Box Communications  (ask to add to your Time Link©)

imageThis is probably the most unique element you will see offered.
“I have a natural ability when using a spirit box. When investigating haunted locations and tuning into the spirit realm, I teach the other side how to use this tool to communicate. They talk, I interact and messages are clear.
We will go into messaging with the protection of the archangels and the lead of our guides as we communicate with loved ones who have passed”



Skype, Online or Phone Reading

“Skype, Phone & Online Messaging Readings flow easily for me.
My connection to our guides reveal information as we translate messages”

This is a psychic reading through Skype(preferred), phone or Facebook messaging. Your guides show me your path and I share the information. With Facebook messaging, you can look back any time.

Skype Name for request: BrandieWellsSoulCentral

Like my FACEBOOK page  “Brandie Wells Compassionate Clairvoyant“.

To book, simply pay here for a 30 minute or 60 minute session. 

Then, email Brandie or she will email you within 24 hours. 

This is for a Time Link Reading




Angel Camichaelrd Reading (ask to add to your Time Link©)

Our Angels protect us, nudge us and communicate with us daily, but we aren’t always listening. An angel card reading is an intuitive healing by inviting the angels to step forward and show us how they are working with you at this time.

As a certified Angelic Healer, I use the Guardian Angel Deck through Doreen virtue is a gentle tarot deck.
Cards are pulled based in the needs of the client.
1. Past, present & present into future.
For those wanting affirmation and clarity in their current situation.
2. Three cards for next 3 months. For those seeking direction and guidance through their guardians and guides.



Animal Communication

imageTelepathic animal communication is valuable in many different situations, enhancing shared knowledge and mutual understanding between animals and their persons. Past issues affect animals when stored energies (such as memories or traumas) result in tensions that cause the animal to alter its authentic behaviour and be in a distressed state. Unaddressed, that state of distress can manifest into symptoms and/or disease. Animals relaying descriptions of their symptoms, feelings and pains (e.g. location, quality and frequency) can be helpful to veterinary health professionals in their diagnostic process. Communicating meaningfully about these issues helps the situation immensely. Depression and grief can manifest in emotional and physical health problems; addressing these underlying issues appropriately can improve balance and wellbeing. Specific behaviour problems can be investigated and understood through telepathic communication, and training techniques can be improved with the animal’s cooperation. Assisting animals with transitions and environment changes helps prevent anxiety and abandonment fears. Interspecies understanding is greatly enhanced through human and animal communication. With this increased awareness and closeness, you can create more loving and joy-filled relationships with your animal friends and indeed all of nature.

Brandie invites leashed or crated animals into her space. They may roam freely during the session.

She will also travel within Keene without a travel fee, but will charge $25 additional within 15 minutes of Keene. Beyond that radius; to be discussed.




Certified Fairyologist

“I am a certified Fairyologist with Doreen Virtue. Not only do I offer Fairy Card readings, but I also offer Fairy & Gnome Home Parties at your location or at Keene Intuition“.

Doreen has been connecting with fairies since she was a little girl. An avid environmentalist, Doreen believes that the more of us who connect with fairies, the more power the elementals have to protect and heal our air, water, and earth.

Brandie has seen fairy energy since childhood and completely connects with Fairy energy! Come enjoy a class with her.



Paranormal Investigator & Communicator

“Brandie offers paranormal investigations and events in New England with THE 555 Paranormal Productions.

She firmly believes we are the same when we pass into the spirit realm & these souls have a message.

In addition, she communicates in homes with paranormal activity for resolution.”




A1R; Soul Central on Ask 1 Air Psychic Radio

International Radio Show featured every Tuesday 9:30pm EST


What is A1R:

“A1R producers have over half a century of professional & very successful radio broadcast experience.  We have the call letters of some of America’s most iconic radio stations on our resumes.  Plus, and more importantly, we operate from the light with love and an open, honest heart for each client.  This helps us create shows that inherently give birth to their own powerful, viral word of mouth.

A1R Psychic Radio is unlike most of the metaphysical “radio stations” on the web.  To be honest, many can be kind of shady.  Some are even run by people who have barely stepped foot inside a real radio station & have never worked at one.   We’ve even seen stations “associate themselves” with iconic events/establishments like The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, big broadcast companies, famous psychics/celebrities they don’t work with and even the Oscars, all to mislead light-workers into believing they have credibility they don’t have.   We have even seen stations attempt to steal our identity.default-clean-300x276
Brandie Wells, Compassionate Clairvoyant, is known for her various clairvoyant abilities. She is a Psychic Medium, Animal Communicator, Angelic Reader & Healer, Palmistry Teacher, Fairyologist, Paranormal and Cold Case Investigator & Event; Party Planner. She owns a business in the heart of downtown Keene, New Hampshire, USA, known as Keene Intuition.

Brandie is a hub to spiritualist all over the world. She has a strong sense of community and enjoys networking. Soul central introduces the audience to “what feeds the soul” by exploring various forms of divination, wellness and spiritual enrichment.

Each week, a guest will be showcased, exposing their talents and abilities. The audience will be captivated by the variety, fulfillment and joy in learning.



Cold Case Assistant

!!2Due to the privacy of Cold Case Files, no information is available on current cases. Brandie is a trance channeler. She tunes in to a case and reveals answers. Trance Channeling is a form of mediumship. The other incarnation of non-physical mediumship is a form of channeling in which the channeler goes into a trance, or “leaves their body”, allowing a spiritual entity to borrow their body, who then talks through them. EMAIL BRANDIE to be hired for a case

Spirtual Energy Cleansing

image“I am also pleased to go into houses or businesses to provide spiritual cleansings, eliminating whatever negative or stagnant energy lingers there; this is especially helpful for brand new business openings or for individuals moving into a new home.”






Spiritual Coaching Sessions

From the basics of clearing, grounding and protection of your energy through “tuning in” to hone into your skills, 12814431_246053232404037_3038531454870580343_nBrandie is a natural teacher.She is a certified Angelic Healer and Angelic Medium. She uses this foundation to tailor her students needs.Through a session you will also learn what your strengthsand weaknesses are. Are you telepathic?OR, are you:(Clair means: Clear or altered)Clairsentience (feeling/touching)Clairaudience (hearing/listening)Clairalience (smelling)Claircognizance (knowing)Clairenunciate (communicate)13315730_10210295575532615_9213629033345496388_n_FotorSpiritual Life Coaching prepares individuals who seek to enhance their life’s work by incorporating foundations in universal laws and spiritual principals and practices into their lifestyle. Brandie brings the client’s consciousness into alignment with their authentic identity and the true nature of life.

Brandie combines personal development practices, coaching skills and metaphysical studies to provide students with a well rounded understanding of their spiritual path. Love and light are the launch pad for the healing work one can achieve and Brandie can point you in the right direction.

*This is not a certification.

To Set a Spiritual Coaching Session PAY HERE and Email Brandie



Owner of Keene Intuition

47 Main St., Suite 4 * Keene, NH 03431 * cropped-cropped-image3.jpeg

Keene Intuition is a collaborative space for various divinations to share messages of love, light and insight through readings, classes, gatherings and open galleries.

Keene Intuition also hosts events, parties and paranormal investigations throughout New England.