Wedding Officiant

Brandie Wells, Compassionate Clairvoyant

“Unordained, Non-denominational Officiant”

As an angelic healer and high vibration speaker, I am honored to offer my services as a Wedding Officiant. With a fully customized ceremony, I bring together the creative and logistic elements of a meaningful sacrament.







  • Ceremony Includes: unlimited communication, Skype or face to face meeting/consultation, vow writing, ensuring your marriage license is received by county clerk via USPS return receipt request    $250.00

  • Combination ceremony: Includes all listed above and up to two additional ceremony add-ins.    1.  Candle ceremony  2. Official Framed Certificate    $300.00

  • Wedding ceremony design

  • Unique vows and ceremonies crafted exclusively for you


Wedding Ceremony Components:
Elements Of A Wedding Ceremony
  • The Welcome (optional)
  • Introduction & Background (optional)
  • The Giving Away or Family Blessing (optional)
  • Monitum (essential)
  • The Asking, Legal (essential) & Personal Vows, Readings, Ring Exchange, extra rituals.
  • Declaration of Marriage (optional)
  • Announcements (optional)

“Nothing more precious than love shared by two. Allow me to make your wedding day dreams come true”


Additional fees for travel when beyond 30min. of Keene , NH at $1 per mile one way.

NH License Number  3 (inquire about out of state possibly available to a 3 month notice).

To connect and set a date email Brandie and type “WEDDING” in the subject line.

Deposits secure dates and are applied to the final balance. Balance paid in cash at time of service.

By Making payment, you are agreeing to terms of service.

Non-refundable $100 Deposit Option 1: Standard Ceremony

Non-refundable $150 Deposit Option 2: Combination Ceremony

Additional Travel fee paid as cash at time of service.

  • Meaning of Unordained, Non-denominational: Offered with spiritual divine grace, in the eyes of ones higher source. I am a spiritualist and not bound to one religion. If someone were catholic, christian or non-deomination, I would still serve them with the foundation of sacrament as they state their vows… Many denominations, including the Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran, Methodist, and Reformed, hold to the definition of sacrament.
  • In addition, because I am not ordained and Non-denominational, I can offer ceremonies that are non-religious or tied to any religion.




Yes, this is my family’s classic car!

Close your eyes and picture this…
You are ready for your wedding ceremony, you walk out of the hotel and a beautiful 1956 Packard Patrician  is waiting for you at the door, beaming in the sunlight. Your chauffeur & wedding vehicle hire is waiting for you, he opens the door and you are on to your magical day in the best possible way…that sounds pretty good, right? We tend to agree.

Vintage wedding cars for wedding and special events are the ultimate way to put the final touch on your special occasion.

Inquire for dates & pricing by EMAIL with the Subject Line “CLASSIC CAR FOR MY WEDDING”

– Brandie Wells