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Breakthrough Medium

Clairvoyant, Psychic Medium & Hypnotist

“Heal Your Past. Reveal Your Potential”


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What is a spirit circle?
Spirit Circle; Open Forum Messages from your spirit guides, angels, pets and past loved ones. Brandie connects to the past for messages of healing and the future for messages of hope; inspiration.


As seen on A Haunting Season 11, Episode 9, Brandie Wells is an Award-Winning, Tested & Endorsed Psychic Medium featured on Bob Olson’s international best psychic directory “helping YOU locate reputable and legitimate psychic mediums”. Brandie brings messages of hope, unveiling extraordinary and relevant information . “Heal your past; reveal your potential” is her mantra as she channels messages from beyond connecting YOU to your higher self; your guides, guardian angels and past loved ones. 

(Read by me) For intrigue and inspiration on this journey of life, join me weekly with special guests on Shadow and Soul Multi media podcast! 

My name is Brandie Wells, also known as The Breakthrough Medium. I am an Angelic Healer, Hypnotist and Psychic Medium. Through the shadows, we find our light. It is time to  REVEAL the truth beyond the veil with Shadow and Soul Multi-Media Podcast.

Weekly Livestream 4:40pm eastern on socials and recorded for your listening pleasure on WKBK/Keene Sat 12pm and WFEA/Manchester Sat 4pm


Hypnosis with Brandie

Hypnosis is simply a state of deep relaxation where the subconscious mind has heightened focus and concentration. The key to effective hypnosis is to trust the hypnotist. As a gentle practitioner, I help individuals achieve their dreams to make them a reality.
My tailored hypnosis is based on the needs of the attendees with small groups! Zoom is incredibly effective. What better place to relax than in your own environment?
The subconscious mind is the powerful secondary system that runs everything in your life.
Essentially, I am reprograming your subconscious mind and assisting you with the LAW OF ATTRACTION MINDSET. You become what you believe you are!
I am Brandie Wells, Breakthrough Medium and Hypnotist and I want to help you change your life.
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Making Waves For Parents Who Have Experienced Loss
Waves of Hope started in honor of the loss of several loved ones over a year due to suicide, murder, and a car accident. The final straw was the loss of a local community friend and Costa Rica surfing lover. In the event of his friend’s passing, Sean witnessed the struggles her mother faced in losing her child. The pain she endured was a magnetic force behind making Sean’s dream of creating a retreat for parents who have lost a child. The week-long retreat at Vida Asana in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica offers counseling, therapy, yoga, massage, meditation, and more.
Vida Asana functions year-round as an all-inclusive yoga retreat facility, and once a year sets aside a week for Waves of Hope. The nonprofit provides an all-expense paid healing retreat to parents in need of help after a loss.
Waves of Hope is making waves and touching lives, instilling hope and spreading love. The retreat will be hosted in August 2023. Our hope is to fully fund this experience for 14 grieving parents and help restore the Waves of Hope endowment so that we can help more families in the future.
Any help and support for this incredible mission would be greatly appreciated by those who have suffered such tragic loss as we seek to honor our children that are no longer physically with us.
Thank you for your kindness, support and generosity!