Brandie Wells, 

Breakthrough Medium

Clairvoyant, Angelic Healer,

Psychic Medium & Hypnotist

“Heal Your Past. Reveal Your Potential”

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  • Witches & Wizards Tea/ July 24-28 / $12.50 Deposit Tickets/ $25 adults/ $12.50 kids 12Under/ Balance due at your reserved seating

    1 hour 30 minutes @ $12.50

    5 Seatings at 6:30pm during Keene Wizarding Week. *Includes pot of tea and 3 tier tray serving *$25 per adult *$12.50 12 &under *Reservations $12.50 deposit per person *No walk-in’s *Gratuity not included *Add $3pp for Diet Restrict …

The 555 Paranormal Productions

  • The Para-Hypnosis Experience and All-Night Investigation at The Wilson Castle $133 July 20, 2024, 6pm to July 21, 8am (option to add spirit gallery)

    15 hours @ $133.00

    The hypnotic experience is a split in consciousness where there are two different streams of mental activity.While one stream of consciousness responds to my suggestions, another dissociated stream processes information outside of the h …


Book a Spirit Circle in your home or at a local venue

Host receieves a 30min Remote session 

When booking a spirit circle, there are two options:
Direct booking (paid in full by host) Book Direct

OR set up individul links so your guests can make their own reservations for your private party to host on Zoom or in person at your location by emailing Alyssa Email

What is a spirit circle?
Spirit Circle; Open Forum Messages from your spirit guides, angels, pets and past loved ones. Brandie connects to the past for messages of healing and the future for messages of hope; inspiration.


Group Hypnosis on Zoom

Hypnosis is simply a state of deep relaxation where the subconscious mind has heightened focus and concentration. The key to effective hypnosis is to trust the hypnotist. As a gentle practitioner, I help individuals achieve their dreams to make them a reality.
My tailored hypnosis is based on the needs of the attendees with small groups! Zoom is incredibly effective. What better place to relax than in your own environment?
The subconscious mind is the powerful secondary system that runs everything in your life.
Essentially, I am reprograming your subconscious mind and assisting you with the LAW OF ATTRACTION MINDSET. You become what you believe you are!
I am Brandie Wells, Breakthrough Medium and Hypnotist and I want to help you change your life.
For one 1:1 Hypnosis sessions: