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New Mindset; “Conquer Anxiety & Find Your Inner Calm” Hypnosis on Zoom / FREE Limited to 100 /
October 5, 2022 at 7:00pm
This free hypnosis is hosted by Brandie Wells, Breakthrough Medium.


Anxiety and worry is a difficult thing to live with. It can feel exhausting,taking its toll on both our mental and physical health. If you suffer from anxiousness, know that you’re not alone & that hypnosis is a tool that can help you. Learning how to stimulate the communication between the conscious & the subconscious mind is a powerful tool to bring focus & a healthy mindset.USE CODE [ IAMCALM ] FOR FREE ENTRY

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Developing Mediumship | 4 part Series on Zoom | Nov 2-30

Join International Psychic Medium Brandie Wells; also known as The Breakthrough Medium, for a four part series of exploring mediumship to help you embrace your own Spiritual Abilities on Zoom. From learning to use your own psychic senses to communicating with the Spirit world, this course gives you the building blocks you need. Whether you desire to become a working medium or just want to develop a better personal relationship with the Spirit world, this is the place to start. If you know you have a sensitiviy to Spirit or have some natural abilites but have no idea where to start, this course will create a map for you to begin to explore the afterlife.

Each class will be comprised of lecture, exercises and guided meditation;hypnosis practices. You will be assigned homework and encouraged to work with your fellow peers when possible. Classes are kept to a maximum of 18 students to allow time for Q and A and individual feedback throughout the course. Classes are held via Zoom. Class communication, assignments and class recordings will be held through Google Classroom.You may need a Gmail account to access the classroon online. All classes will be recorded for students who cannot attend live. Classes will run from 2 to 2.5 hours each week.

“When you are ready to step into the path of exploring your Spiritual abilities, you need more than just a teacher, you need a guide. My intent in these classes is to teach you what I have learned through channeling Spirit and from my own experiences throughout my career of working with the Spirit world professionally. But more importantly, it is to walk with you as you engage in a deeper version of yourself so that you can embrace your own higher self. Through this work, you will begin to build your relationship with the Spirit world as you learn about their experiences in the afterlife. We will focus on theories and practices that can improve your connection. The Spirit world wants to help us enhance our lives here on earth. Your spiritual practice should help you understand the world here and thereafter, leading with greater compassion for self and others.” – Brandie Wells

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