8-11-18 Evening of the Enchanted Victorian

August 11, 6:30pm-10:00pm

Location: The Historic Whitcomb Hall, 17 Main St
Swanzey, New Hampshire 03446

Fee: $77

Limited Seating

Ladies & Gentlemen, this evening entails: Fancy confections accompanied by live strings, A Spirit Circle Gallery, A New Moon Manifestation & Seance performed calling in the highest vibrations & a Victorian Table Tipping!

Dress in victorian apparel and have a photo with a professional photographer for an additional fee.

What is A Spirit Circle? A Spirit Circle is Open Forum Messages from your Spirit guides, angels, animal totems, medical intuition and past loved ones. This Spiritual Communication features love and respect as messages are revealed. There is no doubt of the gifts of the mediums present. Brandie and Dawn have  distinctive styles in their message delivery. Their clients proudly endorse their work, witnessing amazing (time after time) validation and confirmation. You will have no regrets … be certain.

What is a New Moon Manifestation with Seánce? This New Moon Manifestation Ritual allows you to honor the energy of Mother Moon while making wishes on the night of her new cycle. Creating a new moon intention is a mindful way to commit to your dreams and goals. It will also allow you to stay in touch with her divine feminine energy. The power of writing down your intentions cannot be understated. We will ground, clear and open our energy in a seance through the highest good and set an intention to be placed in the blessing bowl!

So is it safe to actually do a séance?
If you are prepared, the answer is yes. We will provide the steps to make it very safe.
1.)    Experienced Medium – while it is possible to do séances on your own, it may require a high level of consciousness and understanding of the spirit realm to do it safely. If you are not sure, or have not done prior training, don’t attempt it on your own. This is the reason why we will not indicate the steps on how to perform a séance in this article.
2.)    Finalize your purpose – before the gate to the spirit world is opened, you must decide on your purpose. If you are doing a séance just out of curiosity, the medium should know beforehand. As well, if you are doing a séance to deal with a haunting, or to communicate with a dead loved one, that should be solidified prior as well.
3.)    Have the right group – your séance group should be with people of the right mindset and purpose. Those who will not take it seriously will simply taint the energy of the group and should be left out.
4.)    Have the right tools – séances will require some tools, which the medium may ask from you, or you can ask from the medium, depending on your purpose.
5.)    Be at the right place – be at the right location for a séance. This usually involves having a round table, a quiet space, and spots where candles, incense, and flowers can be placed, in addition to spiritual wards like amulets and talismans.
6.)    Be properly protected – before and after the séance, the group should offer prayers and request for protection. This is done by praying to your own spiritual beliefs, and by augmenting it further with talismans, amulets, and other wards.

What is Table Tipping? Table Tipping is the absolute best way for people wanting to feel their passed loved ones in spirit around them. It is like being wrapped in their love. It is a form of physical Mediumship where the Medium calls in the energy of loved ones. Their energy moves the table to prove continuity of life. Once the table slows down we sit around it and messages are given through the table. You will get a hug, a tap or just be rocked by someone you love in spirit. Messages are revealed and your loved one will be able to answer yes or no questions through the table. It is a must see in this lifetime! Sometimes even pets come through. The table becomes a version of them and you can see the familiar movements of your loved pet. There have even been incidences where the table try to crawl into the lap of the person being read. This is such a beautiful experience.

In the 1800s that conversations between the living and the dead became all the rage in formats that we would recognize today. It was during this time that there was a resurgence of Spiritualism, which was essentially the 19th century technology for communicating with the dead. The best way to communicate with the dead was to locate a person who had the power to serve as a middleman between the world of the living and the spirit world, and these individuals came to be known as mediums. Many mediums appear to have been sincere individuals who genuinely believed that they could communicate with the dead, but most were charlatans looking to make a quick buck from bereaved individuals.

Fortunate for you, Kelly Dawn Purington and Brandie Wells are legitimate Psychic Mediums who have been validated by their work, time and time again!

Kelly has been delivering messages from spirit since she was a teenager. Kelly realized that she was communicating with spirit at the age of 10, through dreams, after her grandmother’s passing. Kelly was encouraged to explore and use these gifts by her Dad, but only if she could be truly dedicated to being of heart. Over the years, Kelly has strengthened and developed these gifts.

Kelly is a Professional Medium/Psychic with a special affinity for working with those who are grieving and is able to connect with those who have crossed over. Kelly’s Psychic, Medium and Empathic abilities began in early childhood, and she has used them not only to navigate her own life, but to guide others on their path as well. She connects quickly with heart, helping to transform inconsolable grief into the beginning of the healing process. Kelly has worked with clients all over the world on the grieving process as well as finding their own answers within. She is also a Master Integrative Life Coach, & Heal your Heart Coach (A Spiritual Law based coaching process), trained by Debbie Ford, best selling author and Life Coach. Kelly’s psychic and empathic abilities are used to help those seeking guidance with career, finance as well as love life. Kelly is gifted in tapping empathically into situations and people, helping to determine what is going on.

Additionally, Kelly loves to add new skills to her tool box. She is certified in Akashic Records, Pranic Healing and in Reiki II. Follow her on Facebook / 207-949-1154

Brandie Wells, Compassionate Clairvoyant
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