Awakening; Ascension can be scary and painful

Ascension is the process of spiritual awakening that moves you into a higher level of consciousness. When this happens, you may experience some ascension symptoms.
Through the process of ascension, your vibrational frequency is becoming lighter.
This is also known as an awakening.
Awakenings are often times difficult as they force the soul to evolve. Therefore, the major elements of life, shift.
Sometimes careers change, living situations change, major relationships change and sometimes people fall away. It can be scary and painful.
However, once the ascension happens, the soul is evolved and vibrates at a higher frequency.
When the soul vibrates at a higher frequency, attraction; manifestation kicks in and new energy aligns.
It is similar to the ugly caterpillar 🐛 turns into a beautiful butterfly. It is work and it’s ugly, but the end result is beautiful. One is wiser for it!