Book a Spirit circle

  Host is FREE and earn a 30 minute reading as a host!

When booking a spirit circle, there are two options:
Direct booking (paid in full by host)
OR set up individul links so your guests can make their own reservations for your private party to host on Zoom or in person at your location by emailing Alyssa at
What is a spirit circle?
Spirit Circle; Open Forum Messages from your spirit guides, angels, pets and past loved ones. Brandie connects to the past for messages of healing and the future for messages of hope; inspiration.
For Individual Links:
Brandie asks for a 12 minimum pay within 1.5 hours of keene, NH and 14 min. pay within 2 hours of Keene, NH. Maximum is 22 guests. If you want a different maximum, let us know below.
Weekday rate is lower than weekend rate!
As a host, once your minimum pays, you are FREE! Once you have 12 minimum, the host receives a FREE 30 minute remote session. Email Alyssa for the link and code after your party.*Valid for one year only. (No transfers or exchanges for the complimentary gift)
Guests have the option to use the link provided or send a check. Info. is in the link.
What we need to book:
Host name
Date & Time
Are you asking guests to bring a dish to share?
Any other details you want your guests to have?
What is the maximum number of guests you are hosting?
Email Alyssa for more information: