Channeling Archangel Raphael; The Angel of Healing the Body, Mind and Soul

Channeling Archangel Raphael.
Raphael is the angel of healing the body, mind and spirit. He presents in a beautiful emerald green.
He is known to be the ultimate emotional and physical healer in the realm of angels. He is not only the healer of people but he even guides healers in their healing exercise. He can help in letting go of addictions and longings and has the power to heal physical injuries and diseases, with treatments usually occurring instantly. He helps in reestablishing and preserving peace and harmony. He is the protector of travelers as well- looking over them to make sure they have a safe and pleasant journey.

He works with Archangel Michael to clear away doubts and fears that maybe badly affecting your mental and physical health.

“You are an earth being with a divine soul. Feel your roots firmly planted as you move into this astrological chaos of the moon and the retrograde.
I am here to heal you after you release your feelings of sadness, anger and frustration. When you release the energies that no longer serve you, it leaves an open wound. I will heal that wound with you. I will wrap you in nurture, love and safety. I will then show you the way; the new way, to happiness and freedom”

Brandie Wells, Compassionate Clairvoyant
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Brandie Wells, Compassionate Clairvoyant
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