“Have you ever experienced a changing of the guard; guide?”

“Have you ever experienced a changing of the guard; guide?”

A spirit guide is a nonphysical being who guides us throughout our lives and helps us attain our highest potential on Earth. No matter your cultural or spiritual background, our guides are here to give us an added layer of knowledge, wisdom, and protection. While they sometimes show up as ancestors or animal-like spirits, voices and visions, they always vibrate at a higher frequency than humans. 

Your spirit guides speak to you in dreams, signs and through symbols. They leave breadcrumbs that lead you toward a bigger idea and or goal. These breadcrumbs are typically in forms of gut instincts, ideas, and synchronicities. They can protect you from negativity, help you through anxious and depressive thoughts, increase activity, and help you to connect with your soul’s true purpose. They often do this by bringing the right people into your life at the right time or sending you clues that it’s time to leave a relationship or remove yourself from your current situation.  

Your spirit guides are also thought to be versions of you in other lifetimes. In each lifetime we gain knowledge, wisdom, and understanding from the things we’ve gone through in that lifetime. When we cross over from the earth realm to the ethereal, we leave an imprint of our life experiences. That imprint is the essence of all that embodied that lifetime and because of this our spirit guides have the duty to assist us through similar trials and tribulations as we move through our current timeline.


In our lives we may ask to see who has been guiding us throughout our lives but ultimately our guides choose when we get to see them. In some cases our guides may feel that we are not ready to see them so they show themselves to us as symbols or in other forms. For example they may show themself to us in a dream, if we have a recurring dream of a peacock our guide may be trying to teach us the importance of beauty and confidence. Similarly they may only show you their voice while in a dream or meditation. 


 Spirit guides come and go as you move through chapters in life. When we experience things in our lives like sudden changes like losing a job,trauma, or other life-changing things we may need guidance from a different spirit guide. During a changing of the guard, people will experience a shift. Most times they can’t describe the shift but it’s because they are being influenced by their new spirit guide. Most intuitive and sensitive are aware of this shift. But in common terms, it is called a spiritual awakening. The change can cause a spiritual awakening because ultimately, anything that causes you to look at your life from a more spiritual perspective can send you on your path toward awakening.  

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