Simple Full Moon Ritual for Self-Care

The full moon is the most powerful energetic phase of the moon. The full moon brings release and the new moon brings new beginnings. I don’t know which I love more between the new and full moons, but both are a perfect time for a sacred self-care ritual. We set intentions during the new moon, rooted them during the waxing moon, and now is a time of manifestation, celebration, and releasing pent up energy and blockages. Anything you are feeling or doing will be amplified by the energy of the full moon, so make it count! Here is a simple yet powerful self-care ritual I do during the full moon.

1. Clear Space + Ground

As with any ritual you do, begin in a quiet or sacred space. Unplug your devices and be present with yourself. My space is my nightstand that is home to all of my sacred items and tools, but all you need a special, quiet spot. The way I like to ground myself is to first become still, taking a few deep breaths all the way down to my hips. I then light a candle and an incense. Sometimes, I will also light sage or a palo santo stick to energetically clear myself and my area. I find that the scent of palo santo immediately grounds and clears me while raising my vibration due to the floral undertones. I also love placing any crystals I’m called to closer to me. If I have four crystal available to me, I place them on the floor around me to the North, South, East and West to amplify my ritual intentions.

2. Release & Forgive

If you your intentions during the new moon, you’ve likely encountered blocks that came up for you and emotions around all of it. This is good because in order for an intention to manifest, there can’t be any resistance around it. If you didn’t set intentions, no worries. Think about what you’ve experienced in the last two weeks, and even better, write it down. Allow yourself to feel how you truly feel. Write down any fears or negative feelings you have around your experiences or intentions; don’t be afraid to acknowledge these. They came up for this very reason, so you can acknowledge them in the light and let them go. Fears that are kept in the dark feel bigger and more real than they actually are, so let it OUT. Once you’ve done your ugly-cry writing, at the end of the sheet, write down specifically what you are ready to release and let go of, and then write down who or what you are ready to forgive. This could be another person, a situation, or yourself. Send love to them or yourself and feel gratitude for the clarity the experience brought you. Fold this paper up and either place it under a rock (to mean: This thought stays right here) OR burn it, either in your candle or outside under the moonlight. Visualize the smoke going up to the moon, taking this burden off of your shoulders. Feel the lightness of having it gone. If under a rock, visualize this message diminishing into the soil. Composting into the earth.


Since the full moon will amplify whatever energy you put out, this is a powerful time to express appreciation for all that is going well in your life. I like to write appreciation lists during both the waxing and full Moon phases because this is the time for growth and manifestation, and nothing speeds up that process faster than acknowledging what is going well.

On a new sheet, write down as many things you can think of that you’re grateful for. If it’s hard to think of something, start very small. When I was in a time of deep grief in my life a few years ago, I expressed gratitude and appreciation for the foundational things I loved in my life, like my bed and my family.

The amazing thing about appreciation is that it will instantly begin to raise your vibration and attract abundance towards you. The key is to actually feel gratitude for what you have.

As you keep adding to your list and truly reflect on how each thing majorly impacts and improves your life, you will begin to feel yourself bursting with complete gratitude and love. THIS is the magic that will shift your life dramatically and quickly.

While doing this, know that the intense energy of the full moon is amplifying these feelings which increases the rate of manifestation of everything you consider to be good.


Spiritual tools that carry their own energetic frequency and vibration absorb your energy and the energy around them throughout the month. There are many ways to clear and charge these tools, but one powerful way is to set these items out under the energy of the full moon in a window or outside.

Gather all your crystals, divination tools, favorite jewelry and any other sacred items and take them outside for a moon bath. Depending on where you live and the current weather conditions, place them where they will not be damaged.

A windowsill that gets direct moon light is perfectly fine if you can’t get your items out under the moon.


What ritual wouldn’t be complete without a bath? Water is symbolic of cleansing and recharging. Draw a hot bath and place any salts or oils you feel called to put in. If you can’t draw a bath, a hot shower is also sufficient but rub your body with salt while cleansing.

Allow yourself to submerge into the dark and stillness, connecting back to the spiritual realm and yourself. Visualize this water recharging you after everything you’ve released tonight. Know that your doorway is cleared and open, and you’re ready to receive everything you’ve intended to receive.


Last but not least, celebrate, in whatever fashion you would like to do that!

For some, it would mean going out with friends or loved ones, for others it would mean making your favorite food, getting a glass of wine and watching your favorite shows–the important thing is that you’re letting go for the night.

Celebrate your growth and experiences over the last two weeks, as well as any manifestations that are occurring for you.

I hope sharing my full moon ritual gave you some ideas to incorporate into your own ritual. As I always say, tailor it to fit YOU. There is no right way to do a self-care ritual… its all about reflection and self-nurture!

Love and Light to all of you as you set your reset button!


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