Spirit Connects

Ways our loved ones give us a sign they are with us

brandie wells spirit connectsInstead of appearing visually or speaking to us directly, our loved ones often send us simpler signs that often represent something much greater. Spirits are sentient beings that are fields of energy that once embodied a human form. They now find energy around you to make themselves known and interact in various ways.

One of the ways is through nature and animals. Nature and animals vibrate at a higher frequency than humans; they act as messengers from the heavens. Just as your pet can fear a thunderstorm before you can see the clouds form or wait at the front door minutes before a family member pulls into the driveway animals pick up on the vibrations around us including messages from the deceased. Animals are closer to God-like energy and they send their messages in many ways.

This tends to happen when either we see an animal or something in nature that is acting unusual such as going for a walk and finding that a bird, butterfly, or furry friend has been following along with you or will meet you at your destination as if it were on the walk with you, almost as if it were saying saying, “we made it”, or “I was by your side the whole way, like I always be”. Another way we see nature communicate with us is with the clouds; nature’s canvas. Looking up to the sky and seeing a silhouette of an angel, a heart, or a symbol that reminds you of a loved one is no mistake.

Another way we are visited by loved ones is through synchronicities. Synchronicities are the universe’s way of nudging your subconscious to pay attention to the messages around you. These can come in repeating numbers, signs, and symbols that a spirit is sending. Spirit Guides, angels, and loved ones use repeating numbers as a way to show us guidance and healing through thoughts and feelings. Some signs appear over and over to ensure that we get the message. These numbers can be shown in many ways but most commonly we see them as repeating three digit numbers such as 111,222,333,ect. They can also be two digit repeating numbers such as 10:10,11:11, 12:12, etc. Number interpretation is an easy and convenient way to receive messages from our angels, because numbers are everywhere in our everyday lives, and each has a vibrational frequency that relates directly to its message and meaning. This connection allows them to open the door and strengthen the bond that will bring us hope, love and peace.

Other symbols that loved ones leave for us are physical signs such as leaving pennies, letters, or the scent of their perfume or cologne. Often our loved ones send us small cues to let you know and also point you in the ‘right’ direction of something to guide us on our future paths. A loved one may leave a penny with a significant year such as an anniversary date to let you know they are here and want you to remember a good memory of them when they were living. But as with all signs, if you see coins a repeating number of times, such as finding three pennies in a row, this is more likely a sign. Similarly to numbers, seeing significant letters of a passed loved one is a sign. Seeing a loved one’s initials on license plates, barcodes, or something as simple as blindly picking your letters in Scrabble could be a loved one trying to get your attention and let you know they’re here.

Spirit oftentimes will channel those around us to send us a message. Spirits can send us messages through family, friends, and even complete strangers. This can be as simple as being at the grocery store and as someone walks by and their scent wafts towards you and their scent reminds you of a passed loved one. This can also come as a family member or friend helping with a task that your loved one typically did such as chop wood for the wintertime. Our loved ones do not want to see us in pain and suffering which is why they send messengers in so many ways.