What happens when the earth body dies?

A channeling of Archangel Jeremiel with Brandie Wells

The connection between a medium and the spirit body can be intense, but it is beautiful at the same time.

Through channeling, deep wisdom is achieved. I have been shown what transmutation looks like. I have felt the ethereal body as it transcends. I have channeled messages from loved ones, in spirit, who want to tell their story of this transition. It is a blessing to connect. It brings comfort to those left behind on the earth realm.

This channeling was inspired by a client who lost a sister. She left suddenly, so there is lack of closure for the family. This spirits granddaughter is struggling and she wants a message of comfort as to “where does the soul go” to be relayed so her granddaughter understands that she hasn’t left. She is right by her side.

I am calling Archangel Jeremiel to assist in the channeling. Jeremiel means “God’s mercy.” Other spellings include Jeremeel, Jerahmeel, Hieremihel, Ramiel, and Remiel. Jeremiel is known as the angel of visions and dreams. He communicates hopeful messages from God to people who are discouraged or troubled. People sometimes ask for Jeremiel’s help to evaluate their lives and figure out what God would like them to change to better fulfill his purposes for their lives, learn from their mistakes, seek new direction, solve problems, pursue healing, and find encouragement.

But, most importantly, Archangel Jeremiel is the angel that assists during transmutation. He is the angel of crossing over. Jeremiel serves as an angel of death who sometimes joins Archangel Michael and guardian angels escorting people’s souls from Earth to heaven, and once in heaven, helps them review their earthly lives and learn from what they’ve experienced. Some say that Jeremiel is the angel of joy for girls and women, and he appears in female form when he delivers blessings of joy to them.

The Channeling:

Heaven is not far away. It is simply a realm beyond the human experience. Heaven is right here. It is the highest vibration of being. The earth realm is a thick vibration where lessons are learned and experienced. Lessons are learned through ego based actions. The soul detaches from ego when it crosses into the divine; heavenly realm. Therefore, the soul is pure light, love and joy. It is completely free.

When death occurs, the human body dies and the soul lives forever. The soul is energy. Energy can never dissipate. It can split and divide, but it can never die.

Ethereal Cords are what connect us. When we are here on the earth realm, we make meaningful connections to the people and places around us. These connections cause ethereal cords.

When you connect with someone by interacting with them or even by think or talking about someone, you will create an etheric cord with them. An energetic cord will extend out of you and connect with that person. It literally can be as simple as where you place your focus you will cord it.

Etheric cords can attach anywhere on your body although there are certain areas of the body which are more common. As an example, etheric cords that connect at and around the solar plexus chakra (personal power) tend to be from cords that attach due to normal daily activities. Etheric cords that attached at and around the sacral chakra (emotions/sexuality) tend to be associated more with romantic partners. Romantic partners that are both present and past (this also includes those who you fantasise about or have a crush on). Of course, these are just generalizations. You should use your intuition as to how to read them.

Once connected, you will then start to receive energetic information from this person. This information is carried back to you via the cord. The etheric cord is very much like a probe that transports energetic information back to you. This information is then read and decoded. This is how you sometimes know if you like or dislike someone even before you interact.

If you get to know this person over time, the etheric cord strengthens. This makes it easier to pick up their energy and energetic information. This helps keep relationships healthy and is an essential human energetic mechanism allowing you to connect with the world around you. So it can be a thread, because there is a small interaction or it can resemble a tree trunk.

When you have corded someone, the energies will flow in both directions; it is essential to be aware that cords are not always positive. Sometimes we can take someone’s energy or have ours taken from us. This can leave you feeling drained energetically. Etheric cords can be be negative or positive, but this is where ego; the lesson is learned.

With loved ones in spirit, the cord never dies. It is energy. Therefore, every time we think of them, we call their energy to us.

Thoughts are energy.  Quantum physics teaches us that our thoughts are vibrations of energy that can influence what happens to us.

When you pray, talk to a loved one or even random thoughts that pop in, you call your loved one closer. This is a blessing.

Loved ones are the chatter in your mind once your slow down your subconscious thoughts. It is important to be still or even meditate to make connections to your higher self.

Be thoughtful of how you call their energy to you. Be gentle on yourself with feelings of guilt, anger or other low vibration emotions. Instead, bring forgiveness. Be gentle on yourself. Trust spirit has your back as the story unfolded. It is all divine timing and the divine beings you call on are assisting.

So how do we know a loved one is near? Spirit makes itself known through fields of energy, objects, opportunities and more.

The truth is, heaven is within your reach. So our loved ones, although not in physical form, are actually closer to us in spirit than they were in human form.

Loved ones in spirit used that human body, energy body, to do their work and serve their soul journey through evolving in lessons on the earth realm.

Now, they are the essence of spirit and have complete freedom to utilize all forms of energy to exist.

They attach to and utilize energy that is on the earth realm to make themselves known.

How do they show up?

  • Channel other living beings to bring messages
  • Channel animals in nature
  • Repeating or meaningful numbers, times and dates
  • Objects of symbolism such as feathers, pennies and hearts
  • Music and songs
  • Electronics such as phones, TV, lights etc.
  • Dream vistations
  • A warm touch on a shoulder, hand, back or knee
  • The natural world and the elements of sun, moon, stars, wind, water

When a loved one is with us in spirit, they become life force energy and align good things for us such as:

  • New job opportunities
  • New people
  • New living situations
  • Abundance
  • New babies
  • New outlooks

You see, the earth realm depicts death and dying as fearful and negative, but the reality is, Heaven is a “higher place”,  a Paradise accessible by earthly beings. It is complete freedom”.

Blessings to Archangel Jeremiel for creating order, understanding and meaning to this beautiful interpretation.