You are what you eat!

Do you know the saying “you are what you eat”, well your relationship with food can have a tremendous impact on your spiritual growth. We travel through life in this vessel and people often overlook the importance of nourishment of their bodies when on a spiritual path. The  food we eat affects our chakra energy system, our emotions and our energy levels.


By eating clean, fresh, whole foods, you’ll  have clearer thinking, a higher level of frequency and aligned chakras. Our chakra system changes moment by moment because it is continuously trying to find balance. We can help balance it by the foods we eat. When we seek to balance our chakras we always start from the root up, because we can’t balance a higher chakra without a sturdy base. The chakra system is all associated with a color for example, the second chakra, Swadhistana the sacral chakra is located at the navel and is represented with hues of orange. Feeding this chakra with melons, mangos, oranges, honey,nuts and spices like cinnamon, and sesame seed help to nourish the chakra.  When making a plate it is good to have a balanced and colorful array of foods to feed your chakras. By doing this it can help us find balance and engage in our spiritual chakras such as the fifth–the throat chakra,sixth–the third eye chakra, and seventh—the crown chakra or “thousand petal lotus” chakra and ultimately reach our higher selves. 


By eating unnatural, processed foods, your vibration is lowered and then we’re apt to have brain fog with inconsistent energy flows. A lot of the food we find on the grocery shelves are heavily processed foods that are high in refined grains, added sugars, and sodium. These ingredients are some of the most common culprits of brain fog and lowered energy. Our bodies crave natural ingredients, our chakras crave natural foods. When we think of the act of cooking, feeding our bodies, the most rewarding feeling is when we can say “I made this from scratch”, or “these vegetables are from my own garden”, the fact that we feel such pride in feeding ourselves with natural ingredients is one way we raise our vibrations and strengthen our relationship with spirit. This isn’t to say that you cannot connect to spirit if you’re diet and intake is not pure and fresh. However, the closer the food is to earth’s natural state, the easier it is to keep the physical body aligned as a conduit between heaven and earth. (perhaps end this in an anecdote about cooking here if you cook haha or cooking with others/relationship with food to make this more personal).

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