Events, Classes & Readings, OH MY!

Keene Intuition has been in full force since January 2016! Owned and Operated by Brandie Wells, it is thriving and growing by leaps and bounds.

Why is Keene Intuition so successful? Because Brandie bases all decisions on “how will this serve the spiritual community”?

Brandie has been linked directly to her community since childhood. She enjoys connecting, helping and watching her community grow! She is a humanitarian by nature and community-minded. brandiefilm

Being community-minded encourages and demonstrates long-term health in the community. The well being of others is vital to a healthy community. By offering skills, strategies and services which build spiritual growth within the community, she also achieves and sustains a greater sense of world humanity through her services.
She is combining teachers and students alike in the growth of spiritual self. This is achieved through connecting to nature, cultures, various divinations and beliefs, all in one place, which allows people to be involved with each other in personal and meaningful ways without judgement.
She is committed to advancing a universal model for successful, spiritual connections within the spiritual field.With increased connection between people and their spirituality, local communities, over time, become more connected to the body, mind and soul.
She states: “I am an angelic healer first. Through the highest vibration, I am able to branch out to all vibrational energies into mediumship. Mediumship and connecting to the spirit realm is a much thicker vibration”.
She has also developed Psychic Parties of New England. She is bringing together various divinations and readers in an entertainment setting for insight and healing. These parties can take place on location at Keene Intuition or private locations.
Soul Central on is a new Psychic Radio Show Co-hosted by Brandie Wells and Danger Tirone. Both hosts are gifted intuitives who invite guests from around the world. Each week, the topic varies and the information is enriching! Listen livestream from any device on Tuesdays at 9:30pm eastern, USA. Soul Central with New Hampshire Intuitives Brandie & Danger can be found at
Love and Light to all of you on your journey! Brandie Wells, Compassionate Clairvoyant (on FB)