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How Brandie Taps In~

Some people have a misconception about “tuning in” for messages. It does not matter if I am in person or by phone. The connection is the same. I am an energy healer and am highly sensitive to vibrations of energy when I tune into someones energy field. Therefore, your voice is what I pull message […]

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Spirit Circle at Keene Intuition

Join us for an Open Forum Spirit Circle Gallery on June 15th 6:30-8:30pm Your Party will feature: Spirit Circle; Open Forum Messages from your Spirit guides, angels, animal totems, medical intuition and past loved ones. About your Psychic Medium:  This SpiritualCommunication features love and respect as messages are revealed. There is no doubt of the gifts present as Brandie has […]

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Heads Up! January 2017 Changes

It has been a wonderful year at Keene Intuition. There have been classes, clients, gatherings, events, healing, tears & joy! The growth in the Monadnock region and New England is something to be proud of. This month has taken off, but the limited amount of time in evenings and weekends are proving to be a challenge to balance between […]

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What to expect in a Time Link© Reading

Brandie Wells, Compassionate Clairvoyant Owner of Keene Intuition & Psychic Parties of New England & The 555 CONTACT: 603-313-1895 by texting or BRANDIEMEDIUM@GMAIL.COM Brandie Wells: Clairvoyant, Psychic Medium, Animal Communicator, Angel Reader & Healer, Palmistry Teacher, Fairyologist, Paranormal and Cold Case Investigator & Event/Party Planner. She is also the Co-host of Soul Central on Ask1Air Psychic International Radio Network. Listen livestream or […]

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12-10-16 Spend the Holidays with Spirit

Spirit messages with Brandie Wells and Amy Major Date, Dec 10th 1pm-3pm. Tickets are $40 p/p.  Limit of 50 people Marion Garish Community Center located at: 39 West Broadway, Derry, NH 03038 Enjoy the feeling of a classic Christmas. We will be  spending time with family in spirit on the other side during the holidays. In addition, you […]

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$222 for 2 Tickets! Lizzie Borden B&B Address: 230 2nd St, Fall River, MA 02721 $125.00 per person/Limited to 20 guests Join Brandie Wells, Compassionate Clairvoyant and Lucky Belcamino, Sensitive Medium as the lead you in a fascinating, open to public investigation! Both Brandie & Lucky know the property & the spirits who still reside […]

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Host a Psyhic Party or Spirit Gallery & Hostess attends for FREE

Keene Intuition Psychic Party or Spirit Gallery Circle LINK TO INFORMATION $40.00 per person/hostess Free Keene Intuition offers hosting a Psyhic party or spirit gallery either at Keene Intuitions location or at YOURS! How a Reading Party works: “The Gypsy, The Mystic and The Medicine Woman” “The Gypsy” Brandie Wells, Psychic Pendulum “The Mystic” Rissa Sullivan, […]

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Events, Classes & Readings, OH MY!

Keene Intuition has been in full force since January 2016! Owned and Operated by Brandie Wells, it is thriving and growing by leaps and bounds. Why is Keene Intuition so successful? Because Brandie bases all decisions on “how will this serve the spiritual community”? Brandie has been linked directly to her community since childhood. She […]

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