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“Fear based news stories prey on the anxieties we all have and then hold us hostage”

Media sensationalism is Constantly Igniting Fear! Fear based news stories prey on the anxieties we all have and then hold us hostage. Its important to stay in alignment with your truth, higher self and trust you are safe. In light of the recent warnings on flu and viruses, media experts and government officials  should reflect on […]

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Channeling Archangel Uriel with Brandie

Pay attention to what you put out into the world. Channeling Archangel URIEL – This angel represents HARMONY. He focuses on the most harmonious degrees of creation. When you make contact with him, you’ll feel qualities of harmony in those areas. He is able to harmonize discrepancies and disharmonies between organizations or groups. He does […]

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The Mean Season

I call this time of year “ the mean season”. There are 26 days until spring and we yearn for grounding and connecting to mother earth but she will not allow it. The darkness and cold prevent us from connecting to the warmest parts of ourselves. If you are suffering from seasonal affective disorder, please […]

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What do you deserve?

In a year, I connect with approximately 4,500 clients as a Clairvoyant. In that year, approximately 4,000 clients do not see their value and worth in this world. You see, ego can activate you or it can shut you down. Your self esteem effects your ego. Self-esteem means “I am proud of myself for what […]

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